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Latest news (25/09/2007): XDCC Catcher Pro update released


Important note for IRC network and channel owners


*Important note:* Co-developer balduz has created his own XDCC Catcher release and website ( Co-developer SiHiDa is (and was) not involved in nor notified about balduz' plans. For all questions about the website and the XDCC Catcher available there, please contact balduz. The original website and the original XDCC Catcher releases will still be supported by co-developer SiHiDa for a couple of months. In a couple of weeks, the original Activation server will be shut down. SiHiDa will release an activation-free version of XDCC Catcher Pro soon. This will be the last original XDCC Catcher release. Of course, you can start using the XDCC Catcher releases created by balduz, but this is at your own risk: SiHiDa takes no responsibility. Sorry for any inconvenience.

XDCC Catcher is the most advanced download manager for XDCC bots. It's available in a free Basic version and a paid (10) Pro version. If you're unfamiliar with IRC and/or XDCC, please read the chapter 'Brief introduction to IRC and XDCC' in the XDCC Catcher Basic quick start. Click here to download the English version of the quick start or here to download the Dutch version (in PDF).